AI Video Generator from Text

Effortlessly create a video from a text prompt in a few steps. Type your idea and wait for our AI video generator to create a static video frame. Preview and select the best frame to generate your video masterpiece.

Magically Convert Text to Video in Minutes

Say goodbye to the tedious task of creating videos from scratch, and enjoy the benefit of AI video generation from text. Try Clipfly’s prompt templates to get inspired or type your topic manually. Watch our online AI video generator transform your idea into a captivating video in minutes that will leave your audience in awe.

easily convert text prompts to a video with Clipfly’s AI video generator
create a still frame from the text description and convert it to an animated video with AI video generator

From Still Frame to Dynamic Video

Our online AI video generator allows you to preview frames before generating your video. Select the best one to generate an animated video clip. Repeat this process to get several clips, and merge them seamlessly to produce an engaging cinematic video.

AI-Powered Face Swap

Our AI video maker offers a funny feature that you can easily swap faces in the AI-generated clip with your own photo. Create entertaining scenes and dramatic effects for the video, effortlessly making yourself the starring of your movie.

Swap a face from a Barbie style photo using Clipfly
create AI voiceover from text using Clipfly

AI Voiceover from Text

Besides AI video creation from text, our platform enables you to convert text to natural AI voiceovers. Transform your photo or selfie into a talking avatar with our AI talking avatar generator. Simply input your script, upload your photo, and witness a text-to-speech transition in seconds.

Why Choose Clipfly AI Video Generator?

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1. AI-Powered Tool

Clipfly uses AI technology to help you create videos from text descriptions. Say goodbye to manual video production and save your valuable time.

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2. Online Platform

Clipfly text to video converter is a web-based tool, so you can create captivating videos anytime, anywhere, without any software installations.

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3. Rich Stock Resources

Massive media resources to use. Customize and refine your video with stylish fonts, cute stickers, royalty-free music and images, and more.

How to Create an AI Video from Text?

type text to generate a frame of a video

1. Type Your Prompt

Describe the video you want to create and choose an AI style, then click "Generate Frames." Here, you can preview the frames of the video.

convert a static frame to an animated video with AI

2. Convert Frame to Video

Select a frame you are satisfied with, and then click “Generate a Video” to create an animated clip. You can repeat this process to generate multiple clips and merge them into one video by clicking “Merge a Movie.”

download the AI-generated video

3. Download or Keep Editing

Once done, export your AI video in high quality. Alternatively, you can continue editing by adding captions, stickers, transitions, and more.

AI Video Generator FAQs

How does Clipfly use AI to transform text into video?

Clipfly uses cutting-edge AI technology to recognize your text prompt and transform it into a static frame, which is then converted into a dynamic video clip. By combining multiple dynamic clips like these, you can create a comprehensive AI-generated movie.

Can I edit the AI-generated video?

Yes, with our AI video generator, you can preview frames before generating the video and regenerate them if you're not satisfied with the result. In addition, it is possible to use your own photos to swap the faces in the generated clip. After merging the video you can also enrich your masterpiece with creative video transitions, effects, music, and more.

Which is the best AI video generator?

Clipfly offers a user-friendly interface, making video creation from text prompts effortless even without advanced skills. Furthermore, you can enhance AI-generated videos by adding text, filters, effects, and more elements.

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Enhance your video production workflow with our AI video creator, easily create a video from text and engage your audience.