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Cut your videos into parts for the best moments with our user-friendly online video splitter. Split, edit, and customize your video clips with ease. 100% free to use!

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Easy-to-use Online Video Splitter

With Clipfly's video splitter tool, you can effortlessly split videos into multiple sections within a few clicks. Whether you need to shorten a lengthy video or reduce its file size, Clipfly offers a simple solution for splitting, editing, and customizing your videos without requiring any advanced skills. Just upload your video, position the timeline cursor where you want to make a split, and with a simple click, you're done. Use our video devider tool to take your video to the next level today!

cut a female video with easy-to-use Clipfly video splitter
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Split Your Video into Parts to Highlight the Best Moments

Sometimes, a full-length video can contain unnecessary content. Our video splitter allows you to pinpoint the most engaging portions of your video. You can split them into separate parts, and delete the part you don't need. Emphasize the best moments of your content and keep your audience captivated from start to finish!

Split, Cut, Trim, and Rearrange Your Video Clips

Our video editor provides comprehensive video editing capabilities. You can split your video into smaller parts with our video splitter, cut out unwanted sections, trim a video clip by dragging and dropping its edges, making it shorter. Furthermore, you can easily rearrange these parts, adjusting their sequence or location to match your creative vision precisely.

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trim and resize a video to any size in Clipfly

Stay within the Perfect Length

Maintaining an optimal video length is crucial for captivating your audience's attention. With Clipfly's video splitter, you can easily adjust your video's length to meet the restrictions of various platforms, and resize it for a perfect video size. Whether it's for social media, a presentation, or any other purpose, you'll have the flexibility to keep your videos within the ideal length and size using Clipfly.

Customize Each Clip with More Editing Options

Enrich your videos by adding text for context or branding, infusing them with expressive stickers, and applying a range of captivating visual effects to each split clip. Moreover, you can also extract the audio, fine-tune audio speed and volume, or easily combine it with a new soundtrack, enabling you to create a truly immersive and visually stunning video experience.

customize a video with text, stickers, audio, and more in Clipfly

How to Split a Video with the Video Splitter Online?

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1. Upload a Video

Upload the video you want to split and trim, or start with one of our video templates.

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2. Split Your Video

Choose the video splitter tool and apply it to the the position that you want to trim.

download new video in high-quality format

3. Explore and Share

When you finished, download your video in high-quality format or share directly from Clipfly to social media.

Clipfly Video Splitter FAQs

What is the best video splitter?

Clipfly is a user-friendly video editor, enables you to split, trim, delete, and customize your video in an easy way. Whether you want to trim the length of your video or rearrange clips, Clipfly has you covered. Additionally, you can customize your project with a variety of text fonts, stickers, and animation effects.

How do I split one video into multiple?

Clipfly's video file splitter tool allows you to cut a video into parts. Here's how:

Open Clipfly and import your video.

Drag and drop your video onto the timeline or storyboard of your editing software.

Locate the point in the video where you want to split it into parts. Use the "split" tool to create the division.

Preview your edited video to ensure it looks as you want it to. Then, save your work.

Do I need video editing skills to use Clipfly?

You don't need any video editing or creative expertise to get started with Clipfly. We welcome and encourage individuals of all skill levels to unleash their creativity with our pre-designed video templates, fonts, stock music, photos, and more resouces, making the process accessible to everyone.

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