Add Sticker to Video

Explore a variety of emojis, icons, logos, and more to spice up your videos. Get creative and customize your content by adding stickers to your videos online today.

add various cute stickers to an animal video using the Clipfly video sticker adder tool

Spice up with Funny Stickers

Adding stickers to videos is a good way to enhance the visual appeal of your videos and make them more engaging. With the Clipfly video editor, adding stickers to your videos is a straightforward process. Whether you're creating content for social media, vlogs, or personal memories, we have you covered, offering a fun and creative way to inject personality and style into your videos.

add funny stickers to a female video with Clipfly
explore different video sticker options in Clipfly

Wide Sticker Options

Our video editor offers an extensive array of sticker collections to cater to your every creative need. Our elements library includes a wide variety of stickers, encompassing emojis, icons, logos, and more. Express your emotions, convey messages, or add branding elements to your videos effortlessly. With our diverse sticker collection, you have the power to tailor your video content precisely as you envision it.

Customize Stickers in Videos

Clipfly empowers you to take full control of sticker customization within your videos. Position stickers precisely where you want them, adjust their size to fit your composition, and determine their appearance on the video timeline to match your storytelling flow. Moreover, you can freely experiment with sticker orientation, rotation, and a host of other attributes.

put cute facial features stickers and a question mark sticker on a cat video with Clipfly

How to Add Sticker to a Video?

upload a video to Clipfly

1. Upload a Video

Drag and drop your video file
from the computer and upload it to Clipfly.

add funny stickers to a girl video with Clipfly

2. Add Stickers

Select the "Sticker" option on the left toolbar, browse our sticker library, and drag your chosen stickers onto your video.Adjust their size, position, timeline, and more.

export a video with stickers in Clipfly

3. Download Your Video

When you're content with your creation, hit "Export" to save your video with stickers in high-quality format. Share it easily on your favorite social media platforms!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add stickers to video for free?

Adding stickers to your videos with Clipfly is completely free. Explore our sticker library to find the perfect ones that match your personality or brand identity.

How do you put stickers on your face in a video?

Clipfly makes it easy to add stickers on your face in a video. Here's how:

Access Clipfly's video editor, and upload the video you want to edit.

Browse our sticker collections and select your preferred one for your video.

Adjust the sticker's position on your face, ensuring the perfect size and timeline.

Preview and download your enhanced video with stickers.

Can I edit video stickers in Clipfly?

Clipfly allows you to edit and customize video stickers online for free. Simply upload your video clips, choose from our sticker library, and easily modify the sticker size, position, orientation, and more.

Easily Add Stickers to Videos

in Clipfly

Add a touch of fun and creativity to your video using emojis, icons, and a variety of other exciting stickers. Transform your videos with just a few clicks. Try it now and make your videos stand out in Clipfly!