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Add free online video filters & effects to your clips. Easily transform your video's hue, style, and vibe in real-time, enhancing your visual storytelling instantly.

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Enhance Visual Appeal with Stunning Video Filters

Immerse your audience in a captivating visual experience by exploring our extensive range of video filters online. Effortlessly enhance colors, adjust contrast, and add creative effects. With just a simple click, transform the aesthetic appeal of your content, giving your videos a new vibe. Leave a lasting impression on your audience and get a surge of likes and positive interactions by adding filters for videos now!

Add text of savor like to a video in Clipfly
customize the text’s color, effect and more in Clipfly

Wide Video Filter Options

Clipfly video filters editor offers a wide selection of video filters designed to cater to every creative vision. Whether you're aiming for a vintage, cinematic vibe or a modern, sleek look, our diverse collection ensures you have the perfect filter for any occasion. With options ranging from classic black-and-white to vibrant and dynamic color schemes, give your videos a distinctive flair that stand out.

customize the text’s color, effect and more in Clipfly

High-Quality Output

With our high-performance video editor, you can enhance the visual appeal but also maintain the integrity of your original footage. Experience the pinnacle of video quality and enjoy the flexibility of refining your videos without compromising on clarity or resolution. Our commitment to delivering high-quality output ensures that your final product is not only visually striking but also retains the essence of your artistic vision.

Why Choose Clipfly Video Filters

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1. Free

Clipfly's video filters are free to use, providing you with a cost-effective solution to improve your content.

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2. Easy-to-use

Say goodbye to complicated editing processes. Our video editor is super easy-to-use. With a simple and intuitive interface, video filter editing becomes a breeze.

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3. Rich Video Filter Options

Clipfly offers a rich collection of video filters, ranging from classic styles to contemporary trends. Whatever your creative vision, find the perfect filter to make your videos visually stunning.

How to Add Filters to Videos?

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1. Upload a Video

Effortlessly import your videos to Clipfly by selecting the files or just dragging and dropping.

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2. Choose & Apply Filter

Find the 'Filter' on the left toolbar, and choose from a range of video filters. You can adjust color, construct, add effects and more.

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3. Download

Click the 'Export' option to save your new video.

Video Filter FAQs

How can I add free filters to videos?

You can easily add free filters to your videos with Clipfly:

Drag and drop your video files to Clipfly.

Select the 'Filter' option on the left, and browse our video filter collections and choose the one fit     your video style. For additional customization, fine-tune parameters such as hue, contrast,     brightness, and more.

When you are satisfied with your new video, save it by clicking the button "Export".

Can I adjust hue grading in my video?

Yes! Clipfly empowers you to effortlessly adjust the hue grading in your video, allowing you to perfect the overall color balance or target specific hues within your footage.

Can I add creative effects to my video?

Yes. Clipfly offers a wide range of video effects for you to choose from, including popular options like the fisheye effect, water waves, vintage film, and more.

How to remove a filter from my video?

If you want to remove a filter from a video after you added it with Clipfly, here's how:

Locate the clip you want to remove the filter from and select 'Filter' in the timeline.

Click the 'Delete' icon on the toolbar above, or simply press the 'Backspace' key.

That's all! Preview your modified video and save it by clicking 'Export.

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