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Create cinematic masterpieces with our movie maker online. Craft teasers or short films for free! Effortlessly trim, add effects, and bring your stories to life.

create and edit a movie with Clipfly's online movie maker

Cut & Trim Clips to Highlight the Best Moments

Trimming your movies has never been easier. With our easy-to-use and free movie creator, you can effortlessly edit your footage, removing unnecessary footage, trimming scenes, and focusing on the highlights. Captivate your audience by showcasing the best moments of your film.

cut and trim video clips to highlight the best moment for a movie using Clipfly's movie maker
add customizable subtitle to a movie with Clipfly's movie maker

Add Subtitles for a Wider Audience

Expand your audience reach with subtitles. Our movie maker lets you add clear and synchronized subtitles, ensuring that your content is accessible for all audiences, even for those with hearing impairments. Additionally, explore a variety of font options to convey your message effectively and creatively. Make a movie with customizable captions today!

Add Music to Boost Vibe

Increase the emotional impact of your movie with music. Our movie maker enables you to choose from a wide range of music and sound effects to create the perfect soundtrack for your film. Whether you want to evoke nostalgia, intensify drama, or enhance the overall vibe, music can transform your movie into a stunning cinematic experience.

add audio to a movie with Clipfly's online movie editor

Why Choose Clipfly's Movie Maker?

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1. Online Platform

Easily craft and edit your videos on your browser using our stable and convenient online platform, without any downloading and installation.

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2. Easy to Use

The intuitive interface and straightforward tools make the movie-making process accessible to everyone. With just a few clicks, you can craft professional-looking videos.

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3. Rich Media Library

Clipfly's movie creator provides a vast collection of high-quality images, video clips, and music. Browse and select from a wide range of visuals and audio options to enhance your movies.

How to Make a Movie Online?

upload video clips

1. Upload Video Clips

Import your images and footage to Clipfly, and the movie maker will automatically merge your media into one video.

edit a movie with transition

2. Edit Your Movie

Trim, split, and rotate your video, you can also add captions and music to optimize it, and use some cool transitions and filters to leave an impact impression on your audience.

export a movie

3. Export and Share

That's it! When you are satisfied with your movie, you can download it in 4k quality, and share it online.

Online Movie Maker FAQs

How to start making my own movies?

It is super easy to make your own movie with Clifply, here's how:

Click the "Try for free" button once you accessed Clipfly.

Upload your videos to Clipfly.

Edit your movie with captions, effects, filters, stickers, and more elements in Clipfly. Cut and trim     your movie for the perfect length and moments.

Finally, click the button "Export" to download your movie.

Can I make a short film with Clipfly?

Yes! Clipfly's movie creator is ideal for crafting short films. You have complete creative control to craft engaging short films with our editing tools, effects, and media library. Whether it's a brief story, a documentary, or a promotional video, you can bring your vision to life with Clipfly.

How to add music to my movie?

Adding music to your movie is simple with Clipfly. After importing your video clips and images, click "Audio" to browse and choose from a diverse collection of music and soundtracks from our library. Select the track that suits your movie's vibe and drag it onto your timeline. Adjust the volume and position to achieve the desired effect.

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