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edit a meme video of a group of surprised girls with funny text in Clipfly's meme video maker

Create a Meme from Image & Video Easily

Get ready to unleash your creativity with our easy-to-use meme video maker. Turn your favorite images and video clips into funny memes effortlessly. No skill required - just upload, add captions, and let the laughter begin in a few simple clicks.

a meme video of two girls who are screaming about a handsome guy
customize a meme video of a cute dog with caption and audio in Clipfly's meme video maker

Customize Your Meme Videos

Make your meme videos stand out by adding text, music, sound effects, and more. Choose from a library of quirky stickers, edit the caption fonts, and you can even add fade-in or fade-out effect for your text. Adjust the playback speed for perfect meme videos. You can customize your meme videos to your liking with our video meme generator.

Spice up Your Social Media

Share your customized meme videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more social media platforms, and watch your followers and friends roll with laughter. Our meme video editor offers a wide range of customization options. Add witty captions, cute stickers, and more. Just upload your content, make your creative tweaks, and share. Get ready for viral content today!

a meme video of a man yawning and icons of Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok

How to Make a Meme Video?

upload a meme video of a cat

1. Upload Your Video

Select your video from your device to upload to Clipfly.

add funny text friday vibe to enhance a cat meme video

2. Add Text to Video

Find the "Text" tool on the left toolbar, and add the funny words to your video. You can adjust the font, color, size, position, and more.

export the cat meme video from Clipfly

3. Export and Share

Once you are satisfied with your video meme, download it in a high-quality format, and share it on social media to spread laughter.

Meme Video Maker FAQs:

How to make a video meme with captions?

Clipfly makes it easy to make video memes with captions, here's how:

Access Clipfly and upload your video.

Click on the "Text" tool, then select "Add Text".

Next, type in your desired caption in the text box. You can adjust the font, size, color, and     position. You can even include a fade-in or fade-out effect.

That's it! Your meme video with captions is now ready to be shared on social media, bringing     laughter to your audience.

Can I make meme videos for free?

Yes! Clipfly's video meme creator is free and user-friendly. You can effortlessly upload your video, add captions and stickers, all without any costs.

What is the best video meme maker?

Clipfly provides various tools and features for creating humorous meme videos. You can easily add funny captions, stickers, even creative sound effects, no editing skills required.

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