Add Music to Video Online for Free

Use Clipfly to add music to a video online in a few clicks. Explore our built-in music library to put music, audio, or sound to your videos and enhance the storytelling today!

add an audio to a video in Clipfly video editor

Add Music to Video to Make Your Video Stand Out

Want to make your videos truly unique with background music and captivating sound? With Clipfly, it's a breeze to add audio to video online without any advanced skills. Enhance your videos by adding songs, background music, voiceovers, and sound effects. From lyric videos to podcasts and more, you can craft compelling video content to catch your audience's attention. Adding music to video has never been easier!

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Enhance Videos with Royalty-free Stock Music

Access our powerful video editor boasting an extensive collection of high-quality, royalty-free music, audio, and sound effects at your disposal. Explore our built-in music library, including jazz, folk, rock, and more genres, you'll find the perfect music to match the tone and message of your video. Easily add music to video by dragging and dropping them onto your timeline, then performing quick splitting or trimming. Your next masterpiece is only a few clicks away.

Insert Your Own Music to Video

Personalize your video by uploading your own music. Whether you have specific audio tracks, original compositions, or signature sounds, you can easily add them into your videos. Keep your video content consistent with your brand and infuse your projects with a distinct, personalized touch. Drag and drop them into your video and adjust the timeline to create a stunning video with music.

upload an audio to a video with Clipfly video editor
customize an audio in a video with Clipfly video editor

Give Your Music a Personal Touch

With Clipfly, you hold the reins of creativity. Craft seamless transitions and enhance the auditory journey by adding creative effects like fade-ins and fade-outs. Add music to video, adjust playback speed and volume to achieve the ideal balance. Split your video and audio with our user-friendly video splitter, and arrange audio clips in the timeline. The best part? You can extract audio from your video, repurpose it for further editing or use in different projects. Enjoy an engaging and versatile experience with Clipfly today!

How to Add Music to a Video?

Upload a video to Clipfly video editor

1. Upload a Video

Upload your video, or start with one of our pre-designed video templates.

choose a music I do you do to add it to a video in Clipfly

2. Add a Song to a Video

Explore our music library, choose a background music or sound you want, and drag and drop the music file into the video. You can also upload your own music here.

export a video with music in high-quality format

3. Download Your Video

When you are satisfied with your video, download it in high-quality format, or you can share it directly on social media!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit the music in my video?

You can effortlessly edit the music in your video with Clipfly. Simply upload your video, choose a music from our royalty-free stock music library. Then you can easily adjust the audio speed and volume.

Can I add music to videos for free?

Clipfly is free to use to add music to your video. We offer an extensive selection of music, songs, audio, and sound effects for you to explore and choose from, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your video project at no expense.

Can I include multiple music tracks in my video?

Yes! Clipfly allows you to add multiple music in your video. Here's how:

Enter the timeline mode within the editing interface.

Choose a music from our music library, or upload your desired audio files to Clipfly.

Incorporate the uploaded audio tracks into the timeline.

Make adjustments to the tracks, ensuring they harmoniously complement the visual content of your video.

Easily Add Music to Videos

with Clipfly

Create videos that leave a lasting impression, combining the power of both sight and sound. Try Clipfly today and witness the synergy of visuals and music in action!