Add Image to Video

Add image to video online for free with Clipfly. Enhance your video by overlaying stunning visuals such as photos, logos, watermarks, and more.

add a female portrait to a video with Clipfly

Add Image to Video with Simple Clicks

Create an engaging video by adding photos to it. Import your images, and use the drag-and-drop feature to put your images over the video. From memorable images to expressive emoticons, you can effortlessly enhance your video content with striking visuals. No technical expertise and software installation is required, all is in your browser.

Add a photo of a male singer to a band video
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Customize Your Image to Your Liking

Adjust your image's hue to perfectly match your video style. Easily tweak the position and orientation. Personalize the images by selecting from creative animated effects. You can also trim or rotate the image as your liking. Whether you aim to maintain brand consistency or express your style, our video editor empowers you to achieve the desired look.

Add Images of the Logo, Watermark, and More

Adding images to videos is a greate way to enhance the communication of your ideas and messages. Clipfly enables you to easily overlay your brand logo, a watermark for copyright protection, or any other visual image directly onto your videos. You can add any image you like to enhance your video's storytelling.

add image, logo, and watermark to videos with Clipfly

How to Add Image to Video?

upload a video to Clipfly

1. Upload Your Image & Video

Start by clicking the "Try for Free" button, and import both your video and desired image into Clipfly.

add an image to a video

2. Put Image Over Video

Add your video to the main track, then, drag the image above the main track, and watch as it automaticallyoverlays onto your video.

export the video with image

3. Export Your Video

When you're satisfied with your new video, download it in a high-quality format and share it on your social media platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I add photo to video for free?

Yes, Clipfly offers a range of free features that allow you to add photos to your videos without any cost. You can access our user-friendly tools to enhance your videos with images, logos, watermarks, and more at no charge. We also provide premium features for more advanced customization options.

Can I add image to MP4?

Clipfly supports adding images to MP4 files effortlessly. You can import your MP4 video, and then use our picture-in-picture feature to add images to videos, giving you complete control over your project.

How can I convert an image to a video?

To transform an image into a video using Clipfly, you can follow these simple steps:

Upload your image to our platform.

Choose the desired duration and settings for your video.

Customize your image-to-video transition or animation if desired.

Export your newly created video. video.

Add Image to Video

with Our Picture-in-Picture Feature

Add any photo to your video with Clipfly, create an engaging picture-in-picture video with ease. Try it out now!