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Create a video with lyric and music using our free lyric video maker online. Share your own stunning lyric video and boost engagement.

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Create Eye-catching Lyric Video for Any Song

With our lyric video creator, everyone can craft visually stunning lyric videos for any song and any occasion. Whether you're an emerging artist looking to promote your latest track or a fan eager to showcase your favorite song, our tool can help you bring your vision to life. Just upload your video, add music and lyrics, and instantly get a creative music video that's ready to share.

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Add Lyrics and Music to Your Video

Adding lyrics and music to your video has never been easier. Use our text tool to easily input your lyric text with just a few clicks. Explore our vast music library to find the perfect music for your video, or upload your own music file. Clipfly supports a wide range of audio formats, ensuring your music files are always compatible.

Make Lyric Videos Stand Out with Customization Options

Adjust every detail of your project to your liking with our lyric video maker, from changing text fonts and colors to setting animation styles and duration. Enhance your video with a captivating background image, and edit it further with smooth transitions. Customize your lyric videos with our pre-set elements, create engaging music visuals that stand out today!

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How to Make a Lyric Video?

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1. Upload a Video

Start by importing your video into our platform. Click on the button "Upload", and drag and drop the video to the timeline.

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2. Add Lyric, Music, and More

Explore Clipfly's music library and pick one track you like, or upload your own song. Then, use the text tool to add lyrics and captions to the video.

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3. Customize and Export

Personalize your lyric video by adjusting the lyric font, color, animation effect and more. When you're happy with the video, export it and get ready to share.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a good lyric video?

Incorporate engaging effects, filters, animations, text, and other elements to enhance your lyric video. Clipfly provides all the tools for creating a high-quality lyric video, including stylish font options, advanced video editing features, animations, transitions, and other professional features.

What is the best lyric video maker?

Clipfly offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of editing features for lyric video creation. You can effortlessly create lyric videos with Clipfly's text tool and other creative elements. We also provide top AI tools to assist you in enhancing your videos!

Can I use Clipfly to create a lyric video for YouTube?

Yes! Clipfly's lyric video maker allows you create scroll-stop videos for YouTube. Upload your video (or you can use our AI video generator to create one) and add your lyrics and music file. Adjust the video size with our video resizer to fit YouTube's video dimensions. Then, you'll have a perfect video ready to share on your YouTube channel.

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