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Easily resize your video size online for free with our video resizer. Use the preset size options to change your video size to fit social media.

resize a video from landscape to portrait with the preset size options from Clipfly's video resizer

Easy-to-Use Video Resizer

Looking to resize your video to emphasize important aspects? Our video size changer offers a user-friendly interface that enables you to effortlessly change video size. Simply upload your video and choose from our preset size options to effortlessly customize your video's dimensions to your preferences in just a few clicks.

change a video's aspect ratio to 3:4 with Clifply's video resizer
resize a video for social media using Clipfly's video resizer

Change Video Aspect Ratio for Social Media

With our free video aspect ratio changer, you can effortlessly adjust the aspect ratio of your videos to perfectly fit popular social media platforms. Whether it's 1:1 square for Instagram, 9: 16 vertical for TikTok, or 16:9 widescreen for YouTube, we've got you covered.

Resize Video without Losing Quality

Experience superior video resizing without losing quality. Our online video resizer ensures that your resized videos will maintain clarity, sharpness, and resolution. You can customize the output resolution from 480p to 4K without losing quality after resizing. Whether you're enlarging or reducing the video's dimensions, rest assured that the final result will be visually stunning, free from pixelation.

resize a video without losing quality using Clipfly's video resizer

How to Resize a Video?

upload a video to Clipfly

1. Upload a Video

Click the button "Try for free" to upload the video you need to resize to Clipfly video resizer.

resize a video from landscape to portrait

2. Resize Your Video

Click the aspect ratio option "16:9" in the lower right corner to resize your video. Here, you can select from options such as 1:1, 9:16, and more.

download the resized video

3. Export and Share

Download your resized clips, which are now ready for social media sharing, or you can keep editing.

Video Resizer FAQs

How do I resize a video file size?

It is easy for you to change video dimensions. Simply upload your video to Clipfly video resizer, and choose the desired dimensions or file size you want. Our tool will automatically adjust the video to your specifications in seconds.

Can I resize videos for free?

Yes, you can resize videos for free using Clipfly! We offer a free and accessible video size changer tool that allows you to adjust your videos without any cost.

How can I resize a video for Instagram?

Changing a video size with Clipfly is a breeze. Here's how:

Open Clipfly and upload the video you want to edit.

Add it to the timeline.

Next, select the aspect ratio option "16:9" in the lower right corner of the canvas, and choose the     preset size "1:1" for Instagram.

Fine-tune the video's position on the canvas, and rotate or adjust the duration.

Once you are satisfied with the resized video, download it by clicking the button "Export" to save     it in high quality, and share it on your Instagram.

Resize Videos

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Effortlessly adjust the size of MP4 and other video formats in just a few clicks. Achieve the perfect video size for your social media without losing quality. Try it now!