Remove Objects from Video Online for Free

Effortlessly remove objects from video files with Clipfly’s AI video object remover. Free, fast, and easy to remove any unwanted objects like watermarks, logos, subtitles, text, person, and moving objects.

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Maximum upload limit for video file: 4k, 60s, 60FPS, 500M

What Can Clipfly AI Video Object Remover Do for You?

Clipfly can help you remove any unwanted objects from video files without breaking a sweat. Whether you want to erase distracting watermarks, eliminate moving logos, or remove unwanted icons, emojis, people, text, subtitles, and more, Clipfly has got you covered. Try this tool and achieve a clean and polished look for your videos with just a few simple brush strokes!







Remove Watermark from Video in an Instant

Remove watermarks like piled icons, date stamps, symbols, text overlays, and more from your video with our AI video object remover. This AI video watermark removal tool can erase multiple items in a video in bulk, allowing you to remove piled watermarks effortlessly. Apart from that, our AI watermark remover can track the movement of the object throughout the video. Say goodbye to the hassle of complex watermark removal techniques or spending hours meticulously tracking and masking objects frame by frame. With Clipfly, you can take your visual designs to new heights.

remove watermark from video

How to Remove Objects from Video Online?

upload a video to remove object

1. Upload a Video

Click the “Upload a Video” button to import an MP4 or MOV file you want to modify. Videos within 500MB and 60 seconds supported

remove selected object from video

2. Paint & Remove

Use the brush to paint over the areas you want to remove and let this program remove objects from video files immediately.

download video after object removed

3. Download or Share

After removing unwanted objects from your video, download or share it for any purpose.

remove moving object from video

Track and Remove Moving Objects from Video

Objects in videos often change their position as the frames progress, such as moving people, vehicles in motion, or constantly shifting logos. This makes manual tracking and removal of corresponding areas challenging.
However, there's no need to worry as you can effortlessly remove objects from videos using our AI tool. When selecting the items or people you want to remove, it intelligently recognizes and tracks the targets. As long as the selected object appears continuously in the video, you can easily remove it in one go throughout the entire video.

High-quality and Magic Object Eraser for Videos

Traditional video object removal tools suffering from technical issues may result in blurred or distorted areas, or even appear unwanted elements after removal. However, this video object remover ensures the clarity of the applied area and minimizes the risk of recognition errors.
You can freely select and adjust the areas you want to remove, customizing the brush size as desired. This guarantees precise and accurate removal, allowing you to smoothly export high-quality videos.

high quality video object eraser
remove multiple objects from video in bulk

Remove Multiple Objects from Video in Bulk with AI

This tool is incredibly helpful if you have multiple elements in your video that you want to remove. You can select multiple targets to remove at once, and with just one click on the Remove button, you can effortlessly obtain a clean video.
Compared to traditional video editing tools, our AI online video object remover saves you time and effort by eliminating the need for laborious manual editing. You can achieve superior results in less time, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your project.

Remove Anything on Any Device

Whether you want to remove watermarks from TikTok videos, eliminate unwanted objects to adjust the composition, filter out passersby who accidentally entered the frame, or for personal privacy reasons, you can use Clipfly to remove objects from video files in just a few clicks.
You can access this user-friendly and free video object remover online on any device, such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet, and effortlessly modify and export your edited videos.

remove anything from video on any device
erase unwanted items from video instantly

Erase Unwanted Items in a Few Brush Strokes

Paint, Remove, Done! This user-friendly tool is suitable for everyone, regardless of their experience or video editing skills. Even if you're a beginner, you can quickly export clean and watermark-free videos.
Simply upload your video, use the brush to paint over the areas you want to remove, click Remove, and achieve your desired result. You don't have to download any desktop video editing software either. This online video object and person remover is compatible with any platform and can handle your requests in the shortest possible time.

Explore Endless Video Editing Tools in One Place

Clipfly offers a series of AI features and video editing tools for free. In addition to the AI video object eraser, you can explore more AI-powered capabilities. For example, use the AI video enhancer to adjust color grading, try the AI video clearer to enhance video clarity, and apply the AI video generator to create distinctive videos from text and image prompts. You can also use the online video editor to trim or merge videos, adjust video composition, add visual effects, and more.

endless video editing tools in clipfly

Why Choose Clipfly’s AI Video Object Remover?

remove anything

1. Remove Anything

Remove objects from video files in any case, such as watermarks, emojis, icons, people, text, etc.

free and easy

2. Free and Easy

Get polished videos for free online without any software installation or video editing skills.

security ensured

3. Security Ensured

Robust encryption measures provide a secure environment for your data and creative endeavors.


How to remove any objects from a video?

Clipfly allows users to remove any unwanted objects from video files in one click. You can use the brush tool to multi-select the items you want to remove, no expertise skills required.

How to remove moving objects in a video?

Clipfly enables you to erase any object from a video even though it is moving as the frame progresses. As long as the target does not have any interruptions in the video, Clipfly can track its movements and remove it in one go. If the object does not appear continuously, you will need to repeat the operation several times.

How do I remove an object from a video on my iPhone for free?

Many people ask If there is an app to remove objects from videos on iPhones. Unfortunately, there is no built-in app for video object removal. You can access Clipfly’s free video object remover online. It is compatible with all iPhone browser apps.

Remove Any Unwanted Object

from Video

Enhance the visual appeal of your video with Clipfly. Easily remove unwanted watermarks, images, people, emojis, and more. Try Clipfly and create a clean video now!