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How to Use Clipfly AI Video Generator?

Step 1: Enter Your Script

Use your own text prompt ideas or seek inspiration from Clipfly's examples.

Step 2: Generate Clips and Merge Them into a Movie

Clipfly will generate video clips from your text, choose the preferred ones, and merge them into a movie.

Step 3: Customize and Export

Personalize your video with music, transitions, text, and more. Once satisfied, download and share your AI video across all platforms as needed.

Explore the Text to Video Possibilities

Get inspired by the captivating collection of videos in diverse styles generated by our text to image AI. Click on them to explore the prompts that created these visuals and spark your creativity in video production.

scenery, outdoors, sky, cloud, day, no humans, mountain, landscape, water, tree, blue sky, waterfall, cliff, nature, lake, river, cloudy sky, award winning photography, Bokeh, Depth of Field, HDR, bloom, Chromatic Aberration, Photorealistic, extremely detailed, trending on artstation, trending on CGsociety, Intricate, High Detail, dramatic, colorfantasystyle, masterpiece, best qality, high quality, extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper

A boat is travelling on the sea, full landscape, best quality, full picture, scenery, realistic, photography

masterpiece, best quality, photorealistic, lifelike rendering, 1girl, chestnut, cowboy shot, side view, looking at viewer, evening, night shot, A girl inside a subway station, Subway train passing behind her, motion blur, film grain, winter jacket, scarf

generate a video clip about universe from text using Clipfly's AI video generator

Introducing Clipfly's AI Video Generator

The Clipfly AI video generator makes creating high-quality videos easy, even if the content doesn't yet exist. Simply inputting a script, and it transforms text descriptions into dynamic videos in seconds using artificial intelligence. This technology facilitates rapid content creation, allowing users to experiment with creative ideas and produce engaging videos effectively.

Enter your text prompt: "Explore the birth of the universe through a stunning diagram flow, capturing the essence of creation in vivid detail." Watch as your words and phrases transform into amazing video. No need for extensive video editing skills or expensive production resources.

Create AI Videos with Massive Free Tools and Elements

Powerful AI-Generated Video Modifier

Elevate the visual appeal of your AI-generated videos with Clipfly's extensive collection of creative stock footage, captivating music, stunning images, and seamless transitions.

An Array of AI Video Editing Tools

Enhance your video with a wide range of editing features, including video rotation, flipping, merging, and more - all at Clipfly's AI video editor.

Stunning Video Filters and Effects

Unleash your creativity and bring creative looks to your AI-generated videos with Clipfly's video filters and effects.

edit the female video by using Clipfly's AI video editing tools

AI Videos for All Creatives

No matter your background or expertise level, our AI video generator provides a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use toolkits for effortlessly creating eye-catching video content. Whether you're a brand owner or a content creator on platforms like YouTube, Clipfly offers everything you need to craft stunning videos.

For Business

For Social Media

For Individuals

create stunning video content for business digital marketing with Clipfly's AI video generator

People prefer videos. Showcase your data and explanations in an effective way. With AI video generator, organizations can easily create compelling visual content. From engaging promotional videos, informative presentations, training videos, to product demos, it's easy to convey impactful and visually appealing messages. Boost your business, attract customers, and drive sales.

All Video Editing Features You Need

before and after effects of enhancing female video quality using Clipfly

AI Video Enhancer

Enhance video quality and resolution with one single click like a magic.

before and after effects of animating the still train image with Clipfly

AI Photo Animator

Animate and bring your still image alive into dynamic video.

before and after effects of making the flower video clearer in Clipfly

AI Video Clear

Get rid of the blurriness and darkness of the video for better clarity.

generate a female AI talking avatar video from a still image by using Clipfly

AI Talking Avatar

Turn your static portraits into AI talking avatars with perfect lip-sync.

change the male playing guitar video speed with Clipfly

Change Video Speed

Speed up or slow down to control the speed of the whole or part of your video.

extract audio from music video using Clipfly's audio extractor

Audio Extractor

Separate audio from video for editing purposes or incorporate it into other projects easily.

shorten female video using Clipfly's online video trimmer

Video Trimmer

Cut and trim the video to ensure perfect video content and grab attention.

split pet video into two parts with Clipfly's video splitter online

Video Splitter

Split video into separate parts for deleting or incorporating into other video editing projects.

What Do Our Customers Say about Us?

AI-powered Platform

Utilize cutting-edge AI to transform your text into captivating videos within minutes. Zero expertise is required, making video creation as easy as typing.

Superior Quality Output

Ensure top-tier quality with every video, featuring crisp visuals, smooth transitions, and professional-grade effects that captivate your audience.

Time-saving Process

Boost the scale and speed of your workflow. Save your valuable time and reduce video production costs effectively.

Jessica L

Jessica L

Outstanding platform! I can create videos in batch, saved me hours of video creation.

David Smith

David Smith

Impressed by the AI video generator. Easy, efficient, and top-notch quality.

Michael Smith

Michael Smith

Clipfly's text to video tool is a game-changer of video creation!

Samara Wyatt

Samara Wyatt

Love this website. Amazing tool where I can create AI videos without technical expertise.

Text to Video AI FAQs

What is AI video?

AI video refers to creating, editing, and enhancing videos through AI algorithms. Clipfly AI has the ability to allow users to easily create videos from text, and provides a variety of AI tools for users to edit and enhance visual content.

What is an AI video generator?

An AI video generator is a software that uses AI technology to create and enhance your video. Clipfly is the best AI video creator that can transform your text into stunning video in simple steps. Just type your idea or script, and let our Clipfly AI do the rest.

What are the benefits of creating videos with AI?

Clipfly's AI video generator offers personalized, high-quality content creation for all your video needs. With Clipfly's AI tools, you can effortlessly produce professional-grade visual content without requiring a camera, microphone, or prior video editing experience. Save time and costs while creating stunning videos effortlessly!

Can I create videos for free?

Yes, Clipfly enables you to create videos effortlessly online for free. Clipfly offers a wide range of free video editing tools and also provides a 50-credit reward for signing up, allowing you to use these credits to enjoy our AI features, such as the AI video generator, AI talking avatar, and more.

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