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Make your own music video online for free with our music video maker. Transform your video content with music, captions, effects, and more.

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Create Music Videos Like a Pro

Craft a music video that not only complements your music but also tells a compelling visual story. With our online music video maker, you can create a video with music and images in minutes, and no download is needed. Effortlessly cut and trim your footage, add music to your videoin our music video creator. Whether you want to create MVs or lyric videos, Clipfly has you covered.

create a video with music using Clipfly music video maker
upload an audio for a music video or choose one from Clipfly audio library

Rich Music Library

Upload your own music or explore a vast and diverse music library that caters to every musical taste and genre. Our music video creator offers a wide range of options, ensuring you'll find the perfect soundtrack for your project. With high-quality audio options at your fingertips, you can easily enhance your music video and bring your creative vision to life.

Make Your Music Video Stand Out

Transform your ordinary video into an eye-catching masterpiece with our music video maker. Unleash your creativity with customizable options. Overlay captivating lyric captions that sync with your music, add cool transitions between scenes, incorporate stunning effects, and you can even insert your band's logo. Let your music video truly stand out!

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How to Make a Video with Music?

upload a video to Clipfly

1. Upload Your Video

Upload the video you want to edit from your device, or you can also pick up from Clipfly's media library.

insert a musictrack to a video

2. Incorporate Music

Select a suitable music from Clipfly's media library, or upload your own music to add it to your video.

export the music video in high quality

3. Export or Edit Further

Export your music video in a high-quality format, or keep editing with elements like text, stickers, filters, and more.

Music Video Maker FAQs

Which is the best music video maker?

Clipfly offers a user-friendly interface, a vast library of music tracks and effects, and a range of customization features to help you create stunning music videos with ease.

How do I make my music video?

Making music videos with Clipfly is easy, here's how:

Open Clipfly, and select or upload your video footage or images.

Choose a music track from our extensive library or upload your own.

Use our editing tools to arrange and customize your video clips, add effects, and synchronize them with the music.

Preview your music video to ensure it looks and sounds the way you want.

Once you're satisfied, export and save your music video to share with your audience.

How can I make an animated music video?

It is super easy to make an animated music video with our animated music video maker. Choose the media you want to make it move and click “Animate,” and you’ll see the animation effects that can make each text or illustration move. You can have the elements pop into view, pan across the screen, or fade out.

Create a Music Video

with Ease

With Clipfly music video creator, you can easily make a music video online. No editing skills are needed. Start creating engaging MVs today!