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Speed up or slow down a video online for free with Clipfly video speed changer. Easily control your video speed in no time.

change video speed online with Clipfly video speed changer

Change Video Speed Easily

Our easy-to-use video speed changer enables you to change video speed effortlessly, no editing experience required. Highlight key moments by speeding up the video for added urgency, or slowing down for a captivating slow-motion effect, and showcase your video in a dramatic effect. Clipfly allows you to make a video play faster or slower with just a few clicks, and create a stunning video for your social media.

slow down and speed up a video with Clipfly video speed changer
speed up and slow down parts of a video with Clipfly video speed changer

Speed up or Slow Down Parts of Your Video

When you need to adjust the speed of specific sections in your video, our video splitter and video speed controller you can easily accelerate or decelerate specific clips. Upload your video, and use the splitter to divide your video into parts. Select the clip you want to fast forward or slow down, then adjust the speed settings accordingly, allowing you to incorporate varied clips with both accelerated and decelerated speeds into a single video.

Customize Video Speed to Your Preference

Our video speed changer offers a wide range of preset speed options, allowing you to fine-tune the tempo from a subtle 0.1x to a dynamic 16x. Whether you're creating a captivating timelapse effect, emphasizing a crucial moment, or simply experimenting with visual effects, you can achieve your desired speed effortlessly. Use a simple slider control to fine-tune the pace according to your creative vision.

easily change video speed with the speed slider in Clipfly
change audio speed in Clipfly

Change Audio Speed

Clipfly doesn't just let you control the visual pace, it also enables you to fine-tune the audio speed. Easily synchronize audio with your adjusted video speed, ranging from 0.1x to 16x, achieve perfect harmony between sound and visuals. Moreover, you can also extract the audio from the video and add music to your edited clip, ensuring a captivating and immersive viewing experience for your audience.

Why Choose Clipfly Video Speed Changer?

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1. No Quality Loss

Our Video speed changer ensures no compromise in quality, delivering a experience without any loss in video clarity.

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2. Various Speed Options

A spectrum of speed options from 0.1x to 16x, allowing you to experiment and find the perfect tempo for your content.

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3. Fast Conversion

Experience swift transformations. Clipfly ensures speedy conversions, letting you optimize your video speed efficiently without unnecessary delays.

How to Change the Speed of a Video?

upload a video

1. Upload Video

Click the button "Get Started" to upload the video you want to change speed from your device.

change video speed

2. Adjust the Speed

Choose the "Speed" tool in the right toolbar, and drag the slider to speed your video up to 16x, or slow it down to 0.1x of the original speed.

export the speed-adjusted video

3. Export

Once you're satisfied, click the button "Export" to download your new video in high quality.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you change a video to slow motion?

Clipfly makes it easy to transform your video into captivating slow motion. Simply upload your video, and adjust your video speed from the panel, you can easily adjust it from 0.1x to 16x.

How can I speed up a video for free?

Clipfly enables you to speed up your video for free. Upload your video, and access the speed adjustment options. From there, you can effortlessly increase the video speed to your liking.

Can I speed up an mp4 video?

Yes. Clipfly supports various video formats, including the popular mp4 format. Whether your video is in mp4 or another compatible format, you can easily adjust its speed using our online editor.

Change Video Speed

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