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Our video trimmer lets you easily trim, cut, and split your clips online with precision. Edit your video length effortlessly. 100% free to use.

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Trim Videos Easily

Clipfly video trimmer makes it easy to cut and trim your video online. Upload your video, and use the timeline controls to customize the duration to your liking. Set precise start and end points, ensuring you capture the exact moments you want. With just a few clicks, effortlessly manage and refine your footage, trimming away unwanted sections. Achieve the perfect video length and create professional-looking content.

easily trim a video by gragging the timeline in Clipfly
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Shorten Videos for Easier Sharing

Trim videos for sharing across platforms! Our MP4 trimmer empowers you to create concise and impactful video content, ideal for sharing on social media, messaging apps, or any platform with length constraints. With Clipfly video cutter, make your videos more accessible and shareable without compromising on quality, all at your fingertips.

Cut Videos for Social Media

Cut and trim your videos to the perfect length for any social media platform with Clipfly video cutter and video splitter, whether it's for YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram Reels. Make your social media stand out by showcasing only the best moments, ensuring that your content captures attention from the first second. With Clipfly, you can not only cut and trim but also resize, rotate, flip, extract audio, apply video filters, and more, making your social media content truly stand out.

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Why Choose Clipfly Video Trimmer?

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1. Easy to Use

You can easily trim videos online, don't need special video editing skills.

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2. Free Video Trimmer

Clipfly is 100% free to start. No fees are required.

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3. Security Guaranteed

Your uploaded content is treated with confidentiality and protection during the video editing process.

How to Trim a Video?

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1. Upload Your Video

Upload the video you want to trim from your device.

trim a video in Clipfly

2. Trim to Desired Length

Adjust the length of your video by dragging the handlebars to your desired duration.

export the trimmed video from Clipfly

3. Export Your Video

Export your newly trimmed video clip, or continue refining it further.

Video Trimmer FAQs:

1. What is the difference between cutting and trimming a video?

Cutting a video typically involves removing a section entirely, while trimming is the process of shortening or adjusting the duration of a video. With Clipfly, you can easily cut out sections and trim your video length according to your preferences.

2. Does trimming videos impact their quality?

Rest assured, using Clipfly video trimmer won't compromise the quality of your videos. You can trim without sacrificing the original clarity and resolution, ensuring that your edited videos maintain a professional standard.

3. Can I trim audio duration?

Yes, Clipfly's video editor allows you to not only trim video but also adjust the length of the audio. Customize both video and audio elements to achieve the perfect balance and create polished, engaging content.

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